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Ultrafilter spare parts

Ultrafilter is a manufacturer of high quality filters and purification components for compressed air, gases and fluids.

The company was founded in 1972 by the Kronsbein family and from the beginning was specialized in the production of compressed air filters and purification components. In 1983, thanks to the development of free support filter, Ultrafilter began to be particularly successful.

In 1986, the project for innovative absorbing dryers began, which led to the production of absorption systems that reduced energy consumption by 50%.

In 1997, the company made available to its customers an effective service of over 60 highly qualified technicians, while in 2008 it took over the Ultra.air energy and compressed air consulting group.

The company then decided also to concentrate the production in Hilden, near Düsseldorf, where entire filter ranges and components for air treatment are produced.

Ultrafilter, after thorough studies, has chosen the best materials for producing its own filters, which the company aims to make more and more efficient. This is the reason why each component is subjected to a series of tests which guarantee maximum reliability.

Filters intended to be used in some sensitive sectors, such as the chemical, pharmaceutical or food industry, are made subjected to rigid controls to ensure a high level of safety.

Ultrafilter Compressed Air Filters allow you to meet the purity standards of the air, ensuring a 70% energy cost reduction.

In addition to the filters, the company also supplies drying products, among which the most used are refrigerating ones, followed by cold regenerated absorption (compressed air dryers).

Ultrafilter offers for all these products a system which can provide maintenance, repair and inspection service.

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