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Spare parts for Ceccato compressors

Download the full Ceccato Catalogue and Price List in PDFDownload the full Ceccato Catalogue and Price List in PDF

Ceccato is a company specialized in the supply of electro-compressors, dryers, compressed air systems and accessories. They also offer assistance, rental, installation and maintenance of these products.

Ceccato provides effective service through the availability of qualified consultants requiring a constant upgrading and training process.

The wide range of products offered can also satisfy every requirement, thanks to the presence of piston and screw compressors of different models. For medium-sized workshops, for example, they mainly supply direct drive pistons, while belt drives can withstand higher workloads. Instead, those which use the petrol or diesel engine can be used without the need to use electricity.

Ceccato was founded in 1936 by Pietro Ceccato in Vicenza and in 1938 the first piston compressor was produced. Initially it was involved in the production of burners for ovens, elevator lifts and compressors. Ceccato developed in the post-war period, around the 1950s, and it became one of the most important mechanical engineering companies in Italy. In 1979 the company established contacts with foreign countries and since 1997 it is part of Atlas Copco, the world leader in compressed air industry. In the following years the company spread to Germany, Poland, Spain and China. Today, Ceccato Electric Drive Compressors are widespread throughout the world and the company occupies an important position in the Italian and European markets.

Ceccato offers a wide range of products including:

  • Dryers
  • Air Treatment Filters
  • Compressed Air Tanks
  • Compressed Air Systems
  • Oil Distribution Plants
  • Lifting Bridges
  • Washing systems for high pressure cleaners
  • purifiers
  • Various Equipment
  • Car wash systems

Ceccato offers equipment and components of many brands such as Abc; Ani; Cemont; Coral; Facom; Future Automotive; Irmer & Elze; OMCN; Omer; Raasm; Rav; Rupes; Usag; Beta; Aignep; Ethafilter.

The official Ceccato website can be found at

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