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Buy Filter Online: 过滤器和零部件压缩机和真空泵

过滤器和零部件压缩机和真空泵 - Since 1994


# 目录中有超过 2.400.000 种工业产品 - 在线提供最完整的价目表!

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Filters for compressors 是最大的在线供应商之一 用于真空泵的压缩机和备件的过滤器. 它拥有超过 2.400.000 个工业过滤器备件,专业从事: 空气-油分离器, 空气过滤器, 滤油器, 真空泵用叶片, 完整的空气过滤器,油浴空气过滤器,消音器,液压过滤器,油水分离器,在线过滤器和配件,压缩机和真空泵维护套件。

它是由超过 30.000 名专业维护人员选择的在线门户网站 去哪儿寻找资讯 用于普通殊维护的数据表和备件和 使用压缩空气的机器的特殊维护。

在BuyFilterOnline.com上,您可以找到原装备件和替代备件,以更换大多数全球知名品牌的压缩机和真空泵组件 (如 Ingersoll Rand, Atlas Copco, Mann Hummel, Ceccato, Abac, Gardner Denver, 以及更多) 以及更具体的品牌。.

我们所有的产品,特别是过滤器,都经过了质量选择,以确保它们与设计的机器完全兼容。 允许您以单一的方式找到每一件,通过它识别它 OEM代码 标记的在每个组件上. 在需要更换过滤器的主体上,在大多数情况下,它会打印出一个唯一的代码(称为OEM)识别过滤器类型,原始品牌,过滤器元件的尺寸和厚度,在某些情况下,它可以安装在机器上.

如果您找不到OEM代码,则可以通过发送我们的员工来识别所需的产品( 一封电邮带有压缩机板的图片,显示压缩机的品牌和序列号- 这样我们就可以识别机器及其过滤器的每个元素。

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Logos of couriers we use to ship world wide: FedEx, DHL, TNT, GLS, UPS, Transfilm is one of the biggest online suppliers of filters for compressors and spare parts for vacuum pumps. It has more than 2.400.000 models of spare parts for industrial filters. It is the online portal choosen by more than 30.000 professional maintenance workers where to find information, datasheets and spare parts for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of machines working with compressed air. All prices are in euro (€). Prices do not include VAT and shipping costs. Our company is a supplier of aftermarket replacement parts and it is independent and not affiliated with manufacturers mentioned in this web site. Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) names are trademarks of each manufacturer. On parts, filters, lubricants and other products marked "alternative", "equivalent", "replacement" or "compatible" OEM names and part numbers are for reference only. Product images are for illustrative purposes only. Copyright 2012 - 2023 Oil Service S.r.l. - Last update: 29/09/2023.

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